Emel Mathlouthi
24|10|13 · 22h15 · Caserne Fonck | Liège & 25|10|13 · 20h00 · De Centrale | Ghent
Emel Mathlouthi will perform in Liège on Octobre 24 with Soema Montenegro, BabaFish and Mesparrow.
Billetterie Liège & Billetterie Gent

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© Azza Béji & Ghaith Arfaoui

Her first album, the iconic Kelmti Horra ("my speech is free"), was released in January 2012 and has already made Emel Mathlouthi a worthy sucessor of protest singers of all cultures.Le'ts go a few years back to understand it.

Based in France since 2007, Emel Mathouthi was born and raised in Tunis, where she began her artistic life, first with American rock covers, then with Tunisian protest songs. Before secretly engaging in composing and writing her own songs in then shut-away Tunisia, she has been singing for freedom and democracy for years on the internet.
In 2007, she moved to France, where she continues to denounce the political regime of Ben Ali. She returned to Tunis during the Cultural Revolution and became a symbol of it after being filmed singing in the middle of the crowd.

Emel Mathlouthi forcefully embodies a new generation of engaged and independent Tunisian women, open to the world while fiercely defending their roots. Her music is a reflection of this, at the crossroads of genres: a subtle blend of Arab tradition (the influence of which can particularly be felt in vocal inflexions), Eastern music and Western influences (electro rythmics with a trip-hop tint).
Emel Mathlouthi is a well-tempered woman and this suits her very well!


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