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VOIX DE FEMMES 2013 EXHIBITION 24>27 October & 24 October > 15 November 2013

The Voix de Femmes 2013 exhibition consists of several parts that are mixed up in different areas of the festival. Some works are the result of Art & Expression workshops, which are taking place throughout the year at Voix de Femmes, with immigrant women from different cultures taking literacy classes. These are works of mail art, collages, painting, and installation made from living art workshops. Other works were made by young visual artists who, for the most part, studied at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc, where part of the festival is taking place. These are photos, paintings, pieces of embroidery, drawings, monotypes, street art. Relationships have also been established with teachers and students to create a setting which connects different places and offers a movement in space.

Works of mail art are words that have been written or drawn by women who have left their homeland. They were created in our offices and were sent to us before being forwarded to their intended recipient. The paintings start with the flow of writing and go towards shape and colour, in larger formats, while incorporating words or full sentences. The installation, made during the living art workshops, is a place of listening. Check it out. The quality of the works by Art&Expression lies both in the exhibited results and in the course that led to them.

The contemporary works of art exhibited at the Saint-Luc art gallery were carried out by five visual artists from Liège who all put forward their representation women with a sort of lightness, teenage irony and sometimes cruelty. A scattered, fragmented and raw vision with Lara Gasparotto's unbridled and precise photographic art. A fantasy world and psychedelic universe close to comics with Lilie Oma's coloured drawings. Humour, intelligence and lifelike seduction with Charlotte Beaudry's large paintings without frame. A silent, tiny and intimate universe reminiscent of Frida Kahlo in Aurélie William Levaux's thread, pencil and needle drawings. Alice Lorenzi's strange beauty of monotypes, strong texts and poetic work lead both writing and drawing to the creation of a fantasy tale. Each view gives an open narrative: that of night time, girls and wild places with Lara Gasparotto, whose precision, sharp eye and daring constantly examine the dark side of her models; that of a self-portrait becoming a mythical figure, of embroidered intimacy calling for poetry, challenging our demons and seeking the animal part with Aurélie William Levaux; that of femininity being constantly questioned and voluntarily exposed to different interpretations with Charlotte Beaudry. Respectively invited by Lara Gasparotto and Aurélie William Levaux, Lilie Oma and Alice Lorenzi do not escape this interpretation of a world that looks like a maze and whose tenuous thread is undoubtedly that of a beautiful, feminine and contemporary wildness.

Elsewhere, on the Manège's wall, Sara Conti exhibits one of her impressive Matryoshkas. Full of zebras, snakes, lions and many other imaginary creatures, crying tears of milk, overgrown with branches, seeds or flames, Sara Conti's paper pieces of embroidery, glued to the bricks, diligently watch over the wild part of women.

Voix de Femmes 2013 exhibition – Art&Expression workshops led and directed by: Anne de Clerck (painting), Lara Persain & Angélique Chartry (installation), Marie-Thérèse Mondombo (mail art). Participants in the workshops are from: La Bobine, La Marguerite, La Tchicass, L'Eclat de Rire, La Maison des Femmes d'ici et d'ailleurs. Curating of the contemporary art exhibition: Béatrice Jacquet and the Voix de Femmes team.

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